Dinnerly Meal Delivery Review

As someone who loves to cook but doesn’t always have the time or energy to plan meals and shop for ingredients, I decided to try Dinnerly – a meal kit delivery service known for its budget-friendly options. After using Dinnerly for several weeks, I feel confident in sharing my thoughts on the service and the meals I’ve prepared.

Dinnerly is owned by the same company as Marley Spoon, so you will notice some similarities.

Most Affordable
8.5/10Our Score
  • Cost: 10/10 - $5.49 per serving 
  • Choice: 8/10 - 50+ recipes per week
  • Quality: 6/10 - There is a noticeable drop in quality compared to Marley Spoon 
  • Taste: 7/10 - The recipes are noticeably plainer and smaller than the more expensive alternatives
  • Flexibility: Skip, pause, or cancel any time
  • Organic: No
  • Allergy Safe: No


  • Dinnerly offers budget-friendly meal options, making it accessible to a wider range of households.
  • The straightforward recipes and limited ingredients make preparing meals on busy weeknights easy.
  • Dinnerly provides a balanced selection of meat, fish, vegetarian options, and international cuisine.


  • Some meals may have smaller portions, which could leave certain individuals wanting more.
  • Dinnerly offers fewer dietary restrictions and preference options than other meal delivery services.
  • More basic meals with fewer ingredients

Getting Started

When I first decided to try Dinnerly, I found getting started quite simple and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide of my experience:

  1. Visit the Dinnerly website: I began by visiting their website to learn more about their meal plans and pricing.
  2. Choose a meal plan: Dinnerly offers meal plans for both two-person and family-sized options. I selected the family-sized meal plan, as it best suited the needs of my household.
  3. Select the number of meals per week: I could choose the number of meals I wanted to receive each week. I opted for three meals a week, which I felt was a good starting point to fit my schedule.
  4. Customize menu: Dinnerly then presented me with various meal options for the upcoming week. I browsed through the choices and selected three dishes that appealed to me, ensuring a mix of meat, fish, and vegetarian options.
  5. Receive meal kits: My Dinnerly box arrived on my selected delivery day, containing all the ingredients and recipe cards needed to create my chosen meals.

Getting started with Dinnerly was an uncomplicated and straightforward process. The website was easy to navigate, and the meal customization options allowed me to tailor my weekly menu to my preferences.

Ordering and Delivery

The ordering process on the Dinnerly website was smooth and user-friendly. There are options for two-person and family-sized meal plans, and I chose the latter for my family of four. I appreciated the flexibility in selecting my preferred delivery day, which allowed me to receive my box on a day that worked best for my schedule. The box arrived on time, and the packaging was minimal yet effective in keeping ingredients fresh and cool.

Dinnerly ingredients

Meal Variety and Recipes

Dinnerly’s weekly menu provides an appealing selection of meal options that cater to various tastes and preferences. With a diverse assortment of meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes, the service ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, including international cuisine adds an element of excitement and adventure to the meal planning process, allowing subscribers to explore new flavors and culinary traditions without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The recipes offered by Dinnerly are designed to be simple and accessible, featuring a limited number of ingredients that make them perfect for individuals with busy lifestyles. This approach not only saves time and reduces food waste but also streamlines the cooking process, ensuring that even novice cooks can easily follow along and create delicious meals. Despite their simplicity, the recipes yield flavorful and satisfying dishes that do not compromise taste or quality.

Each Dinnerly meal kit has an easy-to-understand recipe card that clearly outlines the steps required to prepare the dish. The cards include helpful visuals, making the cooking process even more straightforward. Additionally, important details such as cook time, allergen information, and nutrition facts are conveniently provided on the cards, allowing subscribers to make informed decisions about their meals and be better prepared for the cooking process.

dinnerly menu

Taste and Quality

Throughout my Dinnerly experience, I found the taste and quality of the meals to be consistently enjoyable and satisfying. The ingredients delivered in each meal kit were fresh and appeared to be of high quality, contributing to the dishes’ overall deliciousness. The flavors in each meal were carefully balanced, ensuring that every component on the plate complemented the others.

Some standout dishes that I thoroughly enjoyed included the Thai Green Curry Chicken, which offered a delightful blend of aromatic spices, creamy coconut milk, and tender chicken pieces, as well as the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos that boasted a perfect combination of hearty beans, sweet potatoes, and zesty seasonings. These dishes were delectable and visually appealing, adding to the overall dining experience.

Despite the simplicity of the recipes, Dinnerly’s meal options never felt monotonous or lacked variety. Each week presented a new assortment of dishes, showcasing a range of culinary styles and flavor profiles. This allowed me to explore different ingredients and techniques, broadening my culinary horizons and inspiring me to experiment with new flavors in my own cooking.

Portion Sizes

The portion sizes provided by Dinnerly were generally satisfying. There were a few instances where I felt the portions could have been more generous, but for the most part, I was left feeling full and content after each meal.

Customer Service

While I didn’t have any major issues during my time with Dinnerly, I did contact their customer service team with a question regarding an ingredient substitution. They were prompt, friendly, and informative, which left a positive impression.


Dinnerly is one of the most affordable cook-yourself meal delivery services. Here is a breakdown of their current prices:

Serves Per WeekCostCost Per Serve

Subscription Flexibility

Dinnerly’s subscription is designed to offer a significant degree of flexibility, catering to the needs and schedules of its customers. When you sign up for the service, you can choose between a two-person or family-sized meal plan, depending on your household size. You can select the number of meals you’d like to receive each week, typically from three to six, which allows you to adjust the subscription to match your dining preferences and schedule.

If you need to skip a week due to being out of town or any other reason, Dinnerly offers a hassle-free option to pause your subscription.

The flexibility of Dinnerly extends to the delivery options as well. When you sign up, you can choose your preferred delivery day, and should your schedule change, you have the option to adjust it accordingly. This ensures that your meal kits arrive at the most convenient time for you.

Dinnerly also allows you to update your meal preferences through your account, making it easy to adapt your subscription to any dietary needs or preferences changes. Finally, if you decide that the service isn’t the right fit for you, Dinnerly enables you to cancel your subscription without any long-term commitments.

Who is Dinnerly Suited for?

Dinnerly is suited for:

  1. Budget-conscious families: Dinnerly offers affordable meal kits, making it an attractive option for those who want to save money while enjoying home-cooked meals.
  2. Busy professionals: With simple recipes and pre-portioned ingredients, Dinnerly is ideal for people with limited time who still want to prepare and enjoy home-cooked meals.
  3. Novice cooks: The easy-to-follow recipe cards and straightforward cooking instructions make Dinnerly suitable for those new to cooking or looking to build their culinary skills.
  4. People seeking variety: Dinnerly provides a diverse range of meal options, including meat, fish, vegetarian, and international dishes, catering to those who enjoy trying new recipes and flavors.


Our Pick
Hello Fresh

Cost: 7/10
Choice: 9/10
Quality: 9/10
Taste: 8/10

Close 2nd
Marley Spoon

Cost: 7/10
Choice: 10/10
Quality: 8/10
Taste: 8/10

Most Affordable

Cost: 10/10
Choice: 8/10
Quality: 6/10
Taste: 7/10


My experience with Dinnerly has been an enjoyable one. The service provides a good balance of affordability, convenience, and variety without sacrificing taste or quality. While there were a few minor issues with portion sizes, it wasn’t enough to detract from the overall experience. Dinnerly is a great option for those who want to save time and money without skimping on delicious, home-cooked meals.